General Product FAQ

Have questions on your Mr Beams LED wireless motion sensor light? Check out our frequently asked questions below, including how the lights work, how long the batteries last and the different types of lights we offer. If you don't see your question here, please contact us for additional support!

How do Mr Beams LED wireless motion sensor lights work?

All Mr Beams lights (except the UltraBright Lantern and LED Stair Light) have light sensors, motion sensors and auto-shut off. This allows the lights to only work in darkness, when motion is sensed and will shut off after the auto-shut off time listed in the instructions.

How do I test my Mr Beams motion sensing light?

To test a Mr Beams Motion Sensing Light before installation or at any time, it is recommended to always use a set of new batteries and take it into a dark room. Leave the room to avoid your motion retriggering it. The light will shut off after a minute or two (the motion sensor may need time to settle immediately after putting the batteries in). When you walk into the room, the motion sensor should trigger turning the light on. We recommend waiting for the auto shut off to turn the light off prior to installing to verify there are not issues with the batteries you've inserted.

Do I need special batteries for my Mr Beams motion sensing light?

We recommend using name-brand alkaline batteries for their nominal voltage. If you have questions about using a different type of battery in your light, please contact us.

How often will I need to replace batteries?

Each light is designed to get one year’s worth of light on each set of batteries with average use of 8-10 activations a day. Factors such as installing your lights in a high traffic area or exposing them to extreme temperatures could affect their battery life.

How do I install my light?

All lights come with the necessary mounting hardware and/or double-sided adhesive. For step-by-step instructions, please visit the individual product page for its user manual.

Do you offer a motion sensing light that will activate in daylight?

All Mr Beams lights are equipped with a light sensor to prevent activation in daylight and help prolong battery life. However, if you'd like your Mr Beams ceiling light (models MB980, MB981 or MB990) to activate in an area that has ambient light, please watch this video for instructions on how to remove the light sensor.

Do you offer a motion sensing light that stays on for long periods of time?

All Mr Beams lights (except the LED Stair Light) are designed to activate as long as there's motion in its detection range, and then will shut off between 20-60 seconds after motion stops. The auto shut off feature is intentionally designed to ensure the light is on only when it's needed and help prolong battery life.

Can Mr Beams products be used outdoors?

All Mr Beams spotlights, ceiling lights and path lights are designed with weatherproof seals to withstand outdoor use. For more information about our lights' IP ratings and weatherproofing, click here.

Will cold weather affect my light?

Your Mr Beams light will not be affected by cold weather; however, the light may appear dimmer in colder weather because the batteries are providing less power. We recommend Lithium batteries if you live in colder temperatures as they have lower operating temperatures than alkaline.

What are lumens?

Lumens are the measurement of brightness. More lumens means more light. For more information about lumens, click here.