3 Weatherproofing Tips for Your Mr Beams Light

3 Weatherproofing Tips for Your Mr Beams Light

Posted by Jamie Shearer on May 3rd 2017

Here in the midwest, we experience quite a range of weather: soaking wet spring seasons, hot and humid summers, and freezing snowy winters. While snow, cold and rain can change your plans, you can rest assured knowing that your Mr Beams lights are designed to withstand these outdoor weather conditions, giving you reliable safety and security lighting all year long.

3 Tips to Help You Fully Understand Mr Beams Weatherproof Features:

1. Make sure the light is approved for outdoor use

All Mr Beams lights are made with UV-resistant housing that can operate normally between -4 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but not all lights are intended to be used outdoors or in wet conditions.

See all outdoor lights

See all indoor lights

2. Understand the IP ratings.

Ingress Protection Rating

All Mr Beams outdoor lights are IP-rated to withstand all outdoor weather conditions. IP (Ingress Protection) ratings provide more specific definitions of weatherproofing by degree of protection. Formatted as “IP##,” the numbers represent the product’s protection rating against solids and liquids. The higher the number, the more that product can handle.

Learn about IP ratings

3. Close the lights properly.

Secure Your Light

Although our lights are weatherproof, they need to be closed securely for the seal to be effective. When closing a spotlight, be sure to clear any debris along the seal, line up the arrows on the head of the light and on its housing, then twist to lock. See below for more about how we test our lights.

How do we test our lights?

We put our products through quite the experiment: highly accelerated life testing (HALT). The product stress test – which goes beyond our standard quality testing – determines just how much the lights can handle when it comes to durability, weatherproofing and temperature fluctuation.

Read more about HALT

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