Tips From Our Customer Service Leader: Using and Testing Your Mr Beams Motion Sensor LED Light

Tips From Our Customer Service Leader: Using and Testing Your Mr Beams Motion Sensor LED Light

Posted by David Levine on Mar 8th 2013

Over the last couple of weeks we have noticed that there are some common questions that are asked about proper testing techniques for our battery-powered lights. We would like to give you step-by-step instructions on ways to test your Mr. Beams light.

So you’ve purchased our wireless LED and motion sensing light, whether its through our direct website or one of our many distributors we are thankful that you are our customer! Once you’ve take the unit out of the box, please place the correct alkaline batteries inside your unit. It is important to note here that you are using a fresh set of alkaline batteries and not the old set of batteries you found in your junk drawer (believe me we’ve all done it!).

Once your batteries are in correctly, remember the wireless LED light will only active in darkness when motion is sensed. Please put the unit back together and secure it tightly closed. You can take the light into a dark room or closet and wave your hand over the sensor, which should activate the light. It's important to note that sometimes the light will automatically activate the second you put the batteries inside the unit - that’s okay too, it's just the batteries powering up the unit.  Simply take your light into a dark room as instructed, wait a minute for it to turn off, then following the testing instructions below.

Please stand in the room motionless and allow the light to shut off. Once the wireless LED light shuts off you can wave your hand again or move across the dark room to reactivate the light.  This will reactivate your battery-operated light and the bright light will come on again.

Now if you find that the light will not shut off, or the light will turn on/off consistently with no motion, please try putting a different set of alkaline batteries inside the unit. Nine times out of ten, customers find one of their brand new batteries must have not been full and this solves the problem. Then repeat testing the unit in a dark room.

Once you have tested your Mr. Beams wireless motion sensor LED light and it’s activating correctly, this means you’re all set for an easy installation! Our lights are so convenient because installation takes less than 5 minutes, and you only need a screwdriver. There is no electrician needed and no extra costs for wiring the units around your house!

Customer Corner with Maya

The last step is just to place your indoor/outdoor motion sensor light anywhere you need hands free lighting! If you find that you have changed the batteries and it still is not functioning properly, please contact us at and I'd be happy to assist you.

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