Wedge Lights FAQ

Have questions about Mr Beams wedge light family? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you don't see your question here, please contact us for additional support!

If the light has more LEDs, does that mean it’s brighter?

Not necessarily. Different LEDs provide different levels of lumen output, so the quantity of LEDs doesn’t always correlate with the lumens. For brightness specs, please see product detail pages for each product.

What’s the difference between the Solar Wedge Plus and Solar Wedge Max lights?

These two product families both have Mr Beams signature features, including motion activation, easy installation and multiple lighting modes. The Solar Wedge Max lights have two unique features:

1. The LEDs provide more lumens per watt compared to similar models, making them a more energy efficient lighting solution.

2. The switches to set the lighting mode are on the side panel of the light rather than the back, making it easy to adjust the mode

without dismounting the light.

What are the different lighting modes?

Each solar wedge light (with the exception of the MB22031) has three lighting modes:

-GlowModeTM, which provides continuous dusk-to-dawn light at a low light level, then activates to full brightness with motion

-Dusk-to-dawn mode, which provides continuous dusk-to-dawn light at a medium light level regardless of motion

-Motion activated mode, which activates to full brightness with motion

For light-specific lumen outputs at each lighting mode, please see the product detail pages.

How long does it take the rechargeable cell to fully charge?

The charging time varies by light. The models with larger solar panels can reach a full charge more quickly, but we recommend charging in direct sunlight for best performance. For light-specific charging times, please see the product detail pages.

How long does a full battery charge last?

The battery life varies by light and also by lighting mode. For light-specific battery life estimates based on motion activated mode, please see the product detail pages. For questions regarding battery life based on GlowModeTM or dusk-to-dawn mode, please contact Mr Beams’ customer service at

Can I install it on trees like other Mr Beams spotlights?

The solar wedge lights install anywhere without wires in 5 minutes; however, because they rely on sunlight to charge the rechargeable battery, we recommend areas without shade.

Can I remove the battery?

No, the battery is not meant to be removed as it can cause harm if handled improperly. Tampering with or removing the battery will void the warranty.

Are the wedge lights available to purchase anywhere other than Amazon?

Currently, all Mr Beams solar wedge lights are exclusively available on Please subscribe to Mr Beams email updates to be notified of any changes.

Will they have the same warranty as other Mr Beams lights?

All Mr Beams solar wedge lights will come with our standard one-year warranty and can be registered here to receive an additional year warranty against defects.

Solar wedge lights are very different from Mr Beams signature battery-powered lights. Why the expansion into this new power source?

Here at Mr Beams, we're passionate about all types of lighting. Though we've worked to provide innovative battery-powered lighting solutions since the company's start in 2006, we know our customers have other lighting needs and we're excited to be able to provide additional lighting solutions for them while bringing the same quality and innovation to them that our customers have come to expect.