String Lights FAQ

Have questions about Mr Beams string light family? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you don't see your question here, please contact us for additional support!

Are the string lights available to purchase anywhere other than

Currently, all Mr Beams string lights are exclusively available on Please subscribe to Mr Beams email updates to be notified of any changes.

Will the string lights have the same warranty as other Mr Beams lights?

All Mr Beams string lights will come with our standard one-year warranty and can be registered here to receive an additional year warranty against defects. note: bulbs that have burned out after regular use are not covered under warranty

String lights are very different from Mr Beams signature battery-powered lights. Why the expansion outside of battery power?

Here at Mr Beams, we're passionate about all types of lighting. Though we've worked to provide innovative battery-powered lighting solutions since the company's start in 2006, we know our customers have other lighting needs and we're excited to be able to provide additional lighting solutions for them while bringing the same quality and innovation to them that our customers have come to expect.