How to Install Mr Beams Lights

If you’ve heard our story before, then you know Mr Beams started as a way to easily—and wirelessly—light a closet. Fast forward more than 10 years later, and we’re still striving to make home safety and security lighting the easiest DIY project on your to-do list.

Pick your power below for general install information and tips:

Battery-Powered Lights Installation

Solar Wedge Lights Installation

String Lights Installation

Installing Battery-Powered Lights

Install steps

Each Mr Beams battery-powered light can be installed in about 5 minutes using a screwdriver or drill:

  1. Insert required batteries (not included).
  2. Install the mounting plate with the included mounting hardware or double-sided adhesive (depending on the light).
  3. Secure the face of the light to the mounting base.
  4. Adjust direction of light as needed.

Battery Bonus

Because the lights are battery powered and wireless, they're perfect for areas that don't get much sunlight or would be expensive - or impossible - to install wired lighting.

Insider tips
We have a few tips and tricks for an even easier install process:
  1. Have the batteries and required tools ready. You can find the battery requirements on the product page.
  2. If you’re mounting a spotlight or ceiling light, we recommend having a ladder available.
  3. The lights have a PIR motion sensor, which detects the movement of heat. Because of this, avoid installing the light near a vent, etc. that could cause unwanted activations.

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Installing Solar Wedge Lights

Install Steps

Each Mr Beams solar wedge light can be installed in about 5 minutes using a screwdriver or drill:

  1. Determine the mounting location. Wedge lights are intended to be used against a flat surface.
  2. Align the light to the mounting location.
  3. Drill the included screw through the mounting holes at the top of the light.

Insider tips

We have a few tips and tricks for an even easier install process:

  1. Make sure to choose the lighting mode you’d like to use on a daily basis before mounting the light. The switch for this is on the back panel of most models.
  2. Choose a mounting location that gets plenty of sunlight so the solar panel is charging on a regular basis. This will help you get the most of your light.

Solar Bonus

Because the lights are powered by the sun and are designed for flat surfaces, they're perfect for outdoor areas around the home that get plenty of sunlight, like garages, doorways and fences.

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Installing String Lights

Install steps

Mr Beams string lights are able to be installed based on your style preferences:

  1. Drape the string light cord along decks, patios and porches, mounting the lights by the mounting clip on each socket.
  2. Screw the bulbs into the sockets.
  3. Plug the cord into a nearby outlet.

String Light Bonus

Mr Beams string lights are designed to enhance outdoor living and events in areas like decks, patios, gazebos, porches and any other outdoor living space. Select models can be used indoors.

Insider tips
  1. We highly recommend hanging the string light cord before inserting the bulbs to avoid possible damage to the bulbs during the mounting process.
  2. To add support to the string, use a suspension cable kit (not included).
  3. The majority of Mr Beams string lights have dimmable bulbs. To use this feature, connect the string light plug to a compatible dimmer.

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