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Here, you'll find everything from how to install lights to application ideas! But we want your ideas, too. Send us a note with your photo or video of where you installed your Mr Beams light.

How to Un-sync Your NetBright Spotlights

Tuesday - September 18, 2018

Un-sync your NetBright Spotlights for independent activation. Watch the video to learn how.Read More

The Next Generation Spotlight

Friday - August 24, 2018

The Next Generation Spotlight combines everything you love about the original with a bold, new look and even brighter light.Read More


NetBright UltraBright Spotlight


NetBright UltraBright Spotlight Specs



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The High Performance Security Light

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The Best Light for Your Closet and Pantry

Friday - January 26, 2018

Mr Beams wireless LED ceiling lights are customer favorites for closet lighting! They provide light for dark closets and pantries where installing wired lighting would be expensive or inconvenient.Read More

With battery-powered LED lights from Mr. Beams, you can install overhead lighting without wires for under $40 and can easily remove these fixtures in the case of a move. Here are our best WiLi™ options that would otherwise require the help of an electrician.

Read More
A customer favorite, the UltraBright Spotlight is an upgrade from the Mr Beams Original Spotlight. It boasts all Mr Beams signature features, as well as some enhancements. Here’s why the UltraBright Spotlight should be the next addition to your home security system.Read More

The Best Wireless Lights for a Dark Shower

Monday - December 4, 2017

Lighting a dark shower can be easy and convenient, with the Mr Beams Original Ceiling Light and UltraBright Ceiling Light. Wireless, motion-sensing and waterproof, these ceiling lights are perfect for any shower.Read More

Which Mr Beams Night Light is Best for You?

Friday - November 10, 2017

We know it can be overwhelming to find the right night light for your home, so we’re here to help! See how each light in the Mr Beams night light family stacks up against your home safety needs.Read More

Meet the New LED Night Light

Friday - November 3, 2017

Enter, the newest addition to the Mr Beams Night Light family. The new LED Night Light activates automatically for hands-free safety lighting in hallways, stairways, bathrooms and more. Its sleek, modern design complements any home decor.Read More
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