Battery-Powered Under Cabinet Lights Brightness Comparison

How bright is 35 lumens? We want you to see for yourself.

Mr Beams wireless under cabinet lights are designed to provide instant hands-free convenience around the home. Though the lights contain the same signature features, their lumen output, size and coverage style vary, which is why we want you to see the lights in action to determine which would be best for your space.

The under cabinet lights range from 30-35 lumens for automatic task lighting in key areas, including under counters, cabinets and shelves. Once you find the light that's right for you, keep in mind that each Mr Beams under cabinet light comes equipped with our signature features, including:

Motion activation

Auto shut off

Easy wireless installation

Long battery life

Standard 1-year warranty (2 years with product registration)

Compare LED Under Cabinet Lights

LED Puck Light Slim Task Light
Brightness (lumens)



Light coverage (sq. ft.)



Motion detection range (ft.)

up to 10

up to 7

Auto shut off (seconds)



Dusk-to-dawn sensor
Compact design

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