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ReadyBright Power Outage Lights

Lights Out? Power On.

If the power goes out, you don't have to be in the dark.

The ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System features battery-operated emergency lights that automatically turn on during a power outage.

Set up is simple: Plug MB220 into any wall outlet. When the power goes out, the power detector will turn on the emergency LED lights via a wireless signal.
Item #: MB220
Lumens: 20 Lumens
Light Coverage: 10 Sq Ft
Batteries: Rechargeable
NiMH 3.6 V 300 mAh
Item #: MB785
Lumens: 10 Lumens
Light Coverage: 10 Sq Ft
Batteries: 4 AA
Alkaline Batteries
(not included)
Item #: MB985
Lumens: 100 Lumens
Light Coverage: 200 Sq Ft
Batteries: 4 C Alkaline
(not included)
Add an unlimited number
of lights to illuminate your
entire house during a
power outage

Key Features

  • Power Outage Activated: When the MB220 is plugged into any outlet, all ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lights will activate when you lose power.
  • Wireless/Remote Control Activated: Simply pull the MB220 out of your outlet to activate any ReadyBright™ lights within 70 feet or use the remote control button to manually power the lights.
  • Installs in Minutes: Have automatic safety lighting in an instant. Simply insert batteries and install in a central location of your home so you are prepared for the next power outage.
  • Auto Shut Off: All ReadyBright™ lights will turn off after 30 minutes to conserve battery life when you are not home. Simply pull the remote out of the outlet or press the power button to keep lights on during a power outage.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our high quality LEDs provide over 40 hours of light on one set of batteries! Perfect for prolonged power outages.
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