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Here, you'll find everything from how to install lights to application ideas! But we want your ideas, too. Send us a note with your photo or video of where you installed your Mr Beams light.

Why is 500 Lumens a Big Deal?

Wednesday - August 9, 2017

About a year after its release, the High Performance Security Light has proven to be a breakthrough spotlight for Mr Beams. Its new take on the traditional dual-head security light makes it a go-to for home security lighting. Keep reading to find out why.Read More
In the last 10 years, we've expanded our spotlight family for more ways to increase home security. Read more to learn about the 3 Mr Beams features that make our spotlights perfect security lights.Read More

Mr Beams Spotlight for Garages


In the last 10 years, we’ve talked to a lot of customers who have told us stories of dark areas around their home that are in desperate need of light. In all those conversations, we noticed a pattern of the most common areas our customers use their Mr Beams lights. Check out these 6 spots, then tell us how they compare with your Mr Beams story!


Mr Beams MB980 Ceiling Light1. Closets. This makes perfect sense to us, because trying to light a closet is what started the Mr Beams line! When our co-founders realized there wasn’t an easy way to wirelessly light a closet, they made their own.

Customer favorite: MB980 Ceiling Light


Pin It2. Showers. Our bathrooms just might be the most neglected areas of our homes when it comes to lighting. According to an article featured in This Old House, homeowners give their bathroom the least consideration when it comes to lighting.

Customer favorite: MB990 Ceiling Light


Mr Beams MB360 LED Spotlight3. Trees. The best part of wireless lighting? You can install it anywhere, including trees and fences, which means there’s no limit on your security lighting.

Customer favorite: MB360 LED Spotlight


Mr Beams MB970 Slim Safety Light4. Sheds. Anyone who enjoys tinkering around in their shed understands this struggle and being at the sun’s mercy. Luckily battery-powered lights provide a simple solution.

Customer favorite: MB970 Slim Safety Light


Mr Beams MB3000 High Performance Security Light5. Garages. And not just the front of garages. Many customers install our spotlights on the corners and back of the garage, especially for convenient lighting to take out the trash.

Customer favorite: MB3000 High Performance Security Light


Mr Beams MB520 Step Light6. Decks. Whether for evening get-togethers or just letting the dog out at night, our decks always seem to need more lighting. Customers love our Step Light to increase safety near deck stairs.

Customer favorite: MB520 Step Light



Pin It6 Popular Areas to Use Mr Beams Lights Pin

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