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Bright Ideas

Here, you'll find everything from how to install lights to application ideas! But we want your ideas, too. Send us a note with your photo or video of where you installed your Mr Beams light.

The Best Places to Install a Ceiling Light Without Wiring
Install a ceiling light without wiring in areas like closets, crawl spaces and sheds in less than 5 minutes for instant convenience.Read More
Police Tips to Burglar Proof Your Home

Police Tips to Burglar Proof Your Home

Tuesday - September 20, 2016

Law enforcement consistently recommends motion-activated lights to burglar proof your home. Try Mr Beams newest outdoor spotlight, the High Performance Security Light, for simple, effective home security lighting.Read More
Switch to Battery Operated Motion Sensor Indoor Lights to Save Money
Save money in minutes! Install the new wireless UltraBright Ceiling Light in closets, showers and pantries in less than 5 minutes to save money and add convenience to your home.Read More
Why the High Performance Security Light is One of the Best Burglar Deterrents
Install the High Performance Security Light as part of your home security plan. Its wireless installation, brightness, and ease of use makes it one of the best burglar deterrents for your property.Read More
5 Spots to Install Cordless Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Lights
Install NetBright wireless networked spotlights in these 5 areas to get instant safety and security without the hassle of wires or complicated setup.Read More
The One Fire Pit Lighting Idea You Need

The One Fire Pit Lighting Idea You Need

Thursday - September 1, 2016

Fire pit lighting adds safety, convenience and ambience to your night by the fire, and we have one light that provides all three!Read More
Wireless Environment Makes the Inc. 5000 List!
Wireless Environment, makers of Mr Beams lights, is honored to make the Inc. 5000 list for the third year! Learn about the list and hear from our president about why this is such an honor.Read More
5 Things To Know About the MB360XT Spotlight
The new MB360XT LED Spotlight provides brighter, bolder security lighting for your home. Here are 5 things you should know about this next generation spotlight.Read More
Mr Beams New Lights Are More Than Just A Pretty Face
Mr Beams two newest lights - the UltraBright Ceiling Light and MB360XT LED Spotlight - have new bold designs. The faces of the lights do more than just contribute to their modern look. Keep reading to learn more.Read More
5 Things To Know About the UltraBright Ceiling Light
Find out 5 fun facts about the new UltraBright Ceiling Light, including how it was based off our best-selling and The Wall Street Journal favorite MB980 Ceiling Light.Read More
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