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Wireless, Motion Sensing
Ceiling Light

The Mr. Beams™ LED Ceiling Light is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.
The Ceiling Light requires no wiring, and has a motion sensor for convenience.
Simply insert batteries and attach to any surface, including closets and pantries!

Bright Light, No Wires

Light anywhere from basements to backyards with the spotlight family.

You can still have bright light even without a switch nearby. The Mr Beams wireless LED spotlights install anywhere in minutes.

Choose from four models that provide a range of brightness and light coverage, depending on your needs. Every spotlight is battery powered and can be easily installed anywhere light is needed, including garages, decks - even on trees!

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Task-Free Task Lighting

The Mr Beams Slim Light makes an ideal task light. The open beam provide 35 lumens of bright light to help you finish any project, including in the kitchen and office. The Slim Light, which is about the size of a smartphone, can be easily installed in just a couple minutes.

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Light... Anywhere You Stick It.

Stick Anywhere LED Lights turn on brightly when motion is detected. No wiring required. LED never needs replaced.

Simply insert batteries and attach sensor light to any surface inside and outside of the home. Stick Anywhere lights are great for lighting your hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more!

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