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Introducing NetBright:™
A "Smart" Solution
for Security Lighting

Bright Wireless LED Lights for Safety, Security and Convenience

Light anywhere from basements to backyards with the spotlight family.

You can still have bright light even without a switch nearby. The Mr Beams wireless LED spotlights install anywhere in minutes.

Compare the different spotlights' brightness and light coverage with our Brightness Comparison Tool to help decide which is the perfect fit, depending on your needs. Every spotlight is battery powered and can be easily installed anywhere light is needed, including garages, decks - even on trees!

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Wireless step lights for outdoor decks

Wireless Stair Lights for Instant Safety

The Mr Beams Step Lights increase safety in seconds. Easily install the battery-powered lights anywhere they're needed, including indoor and outdoor stairways and walkways, along with decks and patios. The motion-activated light provides automatic lighting to prevent trips and falls, and GlowMode™ technology allows the light to stay on at a low light level without draining the batteries to serve as a guiding light.

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Light... Anywhere You Stick It.

Stick Anywhere LED Lights turn on brightly when motion is detected. No wiring required. LED never needs replaced.

To install the motion-sensing light, simply insert batteries, apply double-sided adhesive and attach the light to any surface inside and outside of the home. Stick Anywhere lights are great for lighting your hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more!

Motion sensor night lights enhance safety throughout the home Learn More