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Step/Stair Lights

Mr Beams® Battery Stair Lights with Motion Sensor

Upgrade your indoor and outdoor path and step lighting with Mr Beams LED Battery Stair Lights. The wireless LED stair lights provide bright automatic light to increase safety near dark pathways and stairways.

Providing 35 lumens of bright light that cover 120 square feet, the lights act as a guiding light for:

  • •stairways
  • •hallways
  • •decks
  • •patios
  • •porches
  • •basements 
  • •sheds 

The lights activate when they detect motion and automatically shut off when the motion stops to help prolong battery life. Expect about a year’s worth of light on each set of new batteries with average use of 8-10 activations per day.

The battery Stair Light is also one of the only Mr Beams lights to feature GlowMode™ technology. GlowMode is an optional feature that allows the light to stay on in darkness without motion at a low light level (approximately 1-2 lumens). When the light detects motion, it illuminates to its full brightness, and when the motion stops it returns to GlowMode, which doesn't affect battery life because of its low light level. Find out more about the LED motion sensor technology in our lights.

The light also features two auto shut off options: 20 seconds and 60 seconds. Easily set the shut off time to what fits your application.

Customers love the ease of installation and options this light offers. Here are a few recent customer reviews:

“This (battery Stair Light) was fitted in minutes, easy instructions and simple to get up and running. It offers a gentle light all the time and a great bright LED when activated by motion. A good product at a great price.” – HGH

“The light is bright enough without being obnoxious. I love these lights! Great product, durable, good design.” – Kimberlyinga

Learn more about the Stair Light by reading our blog “6 Things You Should Know About the Step Light.”

See how bright 35 lumens are by comparing the battery Stair Light with our interactive brightness comparison tools:

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  • Wireless stair lights from Mr Beams provide automatic light for hallways and stairways

    Mr Beams® Wireless Motion Sensor LED Step Lights & Stair Lighting MB520 (Dark Brown)

    Mr Beams® multipurpose LED battery-powered Step & Stair Light with motion and light sensors provides 35 lumens of bright pathway lighting both indoors and outdoors. Install on and near stairways for hands-free safety lighting.
  • Mr Beams MB530 Step Light is weatherproof for outdoor applications

    Mr Beams® Wireless Motion Sensor LED Step Lights & Stair Lighting MB530 (White)

    Mr Beams® multipurpose LED battery-powered Step & Stair Lights with motion and light sensors. Excellent for lighting stairways, decks, sheds, garages and storage containers. Weatherproof seal for indoor and outdoor use.

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2 Item(s)