Mr Beams® Wireless UltraBright Motion Sensor Ceiling Light MB990 (White)


300 Lumens

4 D-Cell Alkaline Batteries

300 square feet Coverage Area

•300 lumens cover up to 300 square feet
•Motion activated from 18 feet
•20-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life
•Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware
•4 D-cell batteries provide 1 year of light with average use of 8 activations a day (batteries not included)
•IPX4 rated for outdoor and shower use

Customer Reviews

Easy to install and easy to use

This is a nice product that is easy to install and easy to use. Very reasonably priced.


I have one in a storage shed. It works so well that I had to order 4 more for other locations and family.

Excellent product for early birds

This product was a great call by my wife. We installed it inside our closet, in the master bedroom. It lights up the entire closet and the area just in front of the closet–enough to get dressed early in the morning–while leaving the rest of the bedroom dark enough not to disturb those sleeping. I'm seriously thinking about buying more for around the home.

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User Manual
Installation Video
Installation Videos
  • Battery Life: 1 Year (25 hours) or more on Alkaline batteries
  • LED Color: Neutral White (4000K)
  • Installation Skill Level: Easy/Beginner
  • Auto Shut-Off Description: Turns off automatically when no motion is detected for 20 seconds.  
  • Weight (without batteries): 12.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7.48" L x 7.48" W x 2.86" H