Solar Wedge Max 18, LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Wall Light

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135 Lumens
Solar Powered
Motion Activated

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Solar Powered Lighting
for Lasting Security

The Solar Wedge Max 18, LED Motion Sensor Wall Light combines the reliability of Mr Beams’ home security lighting with the convenience of solar power. Instantly increase home safety and security in areas like garages, doorways, sheds and backyards with bright, motion-activated lighting.


Battery Life

67.5 days (at 8 activations per day*)

LED Color

Cool white (6000k-7000k)

Installation Skill Level


Auto Shut Off

Turns off automatically if no motion is detected after 20 seconds.


0.44 lbs


3.94" H x 4.72" W x 1.72" D

Model Number(s)


User Manual


  • 135 lumens that cover 515 square feet
  • Motion activated from 32 feet with 120 degrees angle of detection
  • 20-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life
  • Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware
  • *A full solar panel charge can last up to 67 days on motion-activated mode with an average of 8 activations a night. The light will reach its fullest charge in 10 hours of direct sunlight.
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use
  • Provides 2 lighting mode features for versatile safety lighting:
    • GlowMode™

provides a continuous dusk-to-dawn glow then activates to full brightness with motion

    • Motion-activated

activates to full brightness only when it detects motion

Sustainable Solar Power

The security light’s rechargeable solar panel provides an energy-efficient home lighting solution. The panel has a nominal capacity of 1200mAh and reaches its fullest charge in 10 hours of direct sunlight. A full charge can provide more than 2 months of light on the motion activated mode with average use of 8 activations a night.

GlowMode Setting

GlowMode provides a continuous 5-lumen dusk-to-dawn glow, then activates to 135 lumens, which is full brightness, when it detects motion. The light sensor prevents activation in daylight to prolong the solar panel and battery charge.

Easy Wireless Installation

Mr Beams Solar Wedge Max 18, LED Motion Sensor Wall Light installs in 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware. Simply determine the mounting location, hold the light in place and drill the screw through the hole at the top of the light. We recommend installing on a wall surface that receives direct sunlight. An anchor is included for drywall installation.

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    dave mehan

    These lights are excellent, and well worth the cost! I have them around my house in key places and they really are helpful.

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