ReadyBright® Power Outage System Video

Check out the Mr Beams® ReadyBright® Power Outage System. Keep your family safe during the next storm with this expandable lighting system that runs on batteries and provides up to 40 hours of bright LED light during prolonged power outages.


Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m David Levine, president of Mr. Beams lights. Last year my kids were playing alone in the basement when the power went out. They were terrified, so we at Mr Beams put our heads together and came up with the revolutionary Home Power Outage Lighting System. The moment it detects a power outage, it sends a wireless signal to very bright lights you’ve installed throughout your house. This way everyone gets to safety.

The brains of the Power Outage Lighting System is the power failure detector. This device plugs into any socket, and when unplugged it can serve as a flash light or a remote control for all of the wireless lights in your house. Both the ceiling light and the path light are battery powered and install anywhere in minutes. Both lights use LED’s and can give you bright light for more than 40 hours. Now that we’ve invented the Home Power Outage Lighting System, I no longer worry about my family’s safety. To get lighting in your house during the next power outage, go to