ReadyBright® Power Outage Lights FAQ

Take a look at our frequently asked questions below regarding ReadyBright Power Outage Lights, including how the system works together and how to use multiple flashlights with the lights. Have a question on your ReadyBright lights that you don't see here? Contact us for additional support!

How does the ReadyBright system work?

The ReadyBright Flashlight/Remote will send a signal via remote control and/or during a power outage to any ReadyBright power outage lights. This includes the ReadyBright Ceiling Light (MB985), ReadyBright Stair/Path Light (MB785) Note: The Mr Beams line of motion activated lights will not work with the ReadyBright Flashlight/Remote.

Can I use multiple Flashlight/Remotes in my home?

Yes, you can purchase any number of ReadyBright Flashlights in your home. 

Do ReadyBright lights also activate with motion?

No, ReadyBright power outage lights are only activated with the Power Outage Flashlight when the power goes out OR using the Flashlight as a remote to turn on the lights at anytime.

What if I’m not home and the power goes out?

The ReadyBright system has a 30-minute auto-shut off to conserve batteries if you are not home. If the Flashlight/Remote is not pulled out of the outlet or used within 30 minutes, all lights will turn off.

What is the red light on my ReadyBright light?

The red light on your ReadyBright light will go on when the batteries are low. This is an indication that you should change the batteries.