Mr BeamsĀ® Product Testing Responsibilities

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Interested in becoming a Mr Beams® wireless led lights product tester? Take a look below at the application process and tester responsibilities to learn more about the program.


1. Each tester needs to fill out an application to enter the preliminary phase.

2. If the tester follows the responsibilities and provides honest, constructive feedback, they will be moved into the product tester phase.

3. In the product tester phase, the tester will be in regular contact with Mr Beams® for product testing and other feedback.

4. Testers in the product tester phase may be chosen to become a member of the exclusive Mr Beams® Product Testing Panel as spots become available.


-provide honest, detailed feedback regarding the light that was tested

-complete a feedback survey by the given deadline

-be available for follow up questions if needed

-provide a public review either on the Mr Beams® Facebook page, product page or product page within 15 days of receiving the light

-sharing photos/videos via social media or by email is strongly encouraged

-following up with any additional thoughts or feedback after the initial testing is encouraged

NOTE: all feedback and media submitted will become property of Wireless Environment, LLC and may be used in marketing materials

Product Testers and Photo Submissions

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