Mr BeamsĀ® Product Testing - FAQ

Mr Beams Product Testing FAQ

Find answers to your questions about the Mr Beams® Product Testing Program below! If you still have questions, please contact Maya Winfield at

1. How do I become part of the Mr Beams® Product Testing Program?
There are different phases of the program. Every tester will start in the preliminary phase. If they are successful in this phase, they will become a product tester. If they are successful as a product tester, they may be chosen to be a member of the Mr Beams® Product Testing Panel as spots become available.

2. What information do I need to provide in my product feedback?
Each tester will receive an insert with the product they are testing that lists points that relate to product functionality and features to keep in mind during the test. After they receive the product, they will be emailed a feedback survey with specific questions and the opportunity to tell us other thoughts on the product.

3. Do I get to test new Mr Beams® products?
Due to limited quantities, not all testers may be able to test each new product. At times, we may ask testers to test existing products or even ask for feedback on other materials (content interests, promotions, etc.).

4. What are the benefits to becoming a product tester?
As a product tester, you have the opportunity to influence product development by telling us what you look for in a Mr Beams® light, how you use it and if you come across any issues. Product testers also receive exclusive offers and discounts through Mr Beams®.

5. Do I get reimbursed for testing products?
There is no monetary reimbursement, but product testers receive exclusive offers and discounts as well as the Mr Beams product they are testing.

6. Does being a Mr Beams® product tester make me a Mr Beams® employee?
No, product testers are not employees. However, they are regarded as valued partners whose opinions and feedback are appreciated and heard by top-level management.

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