Pro 2-Head Motion Security Light with Cascading Wall Wash

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2700 Lumens
Motion Activated

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A Fresh Take on traditional Security Lighting

Add powerful home security lighting around the home with Mr Beams Pro 2-Head Motion Security Light with Cascading Wall Wash. Increase safety in areas like doorways, garages, decks and eaves with 2900 lumens of motion-activated lighting. Adjustable spotlight heads and motion sensor allow for a customizable coverage area, while the downlight wall wash feature provides additional safety light.




LED Color

Neutral white (5000k)

Input Voltage

100 - 120V

Auto Shut Off

Adjustable auto shut off from 1-10 minutes


2.90 lbs


3.15" H x 3.35" W x 3.15" D

Model Number(s)


Installation Skill Level


User Manual


  • 2900 lumens cover up to 2739 square feet
  • Adjustable motion activation from 10-50 feet with 180-degree field of vision
  • Adjustable auto shut off from 1-10 minutes
  • Downlight wall wash feature provides 200 lumens (included in total lumen count) that cover 43 square feet
  • UL Listed for wet locations, including garages, decks, sides of of the house, eaves or any other outdoor area to mount to a junction box
  • Provides 4 lighting modes based on different lighting needs: Auto Mode for motion activation; On Mode for activation through your home light switch; D2D Mode for continuous dusk-to-dawn activation; and Test Mode for adjusted settings to test the light during setup.
  • Install in areas with an existing junction box. Mounting screws, bracket, wire nuts and screw plug included. NOTE: This product must be installed in accordance with the applicable installation code by a person familiar with the construction and operation of the product and the hazards involved.

Bright LEDs

The Pro 2-Head Motion Security Light with Cascading Wall Wash instantly increases safety and security around the home and yard by providing 2900 lumens of bright light that cover 2739 square feet. Each adjustable head emits 1350 lumens and can be easily positioned to concentrate or extend light coverage, while the wall wash feature provides 200 lumens of additional safety light.

Lighting Modes

The outdoor floodlight has 4 lighting modes to address a variety of lighting needs. Auto Mode sets the light to be activated with motion. On Mode allows you to activate the light through your home light switch. D2D Mode allows for continuous dusk-to-dawn activation. Test Mode shortens the auto shut off time to 10 seconds to allow for motion range and testing during setup.

Adjustable Settings

Adjustable light settings provide complete control for customizable home security lighting. Motion detection can be set from 10-50 feet. Auto shut off adjusts from 1-10 minutes. The Dusk setting controls when the light activates based on ambient light, allowing it to activate with little to no daylight.

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