Outdoor Motion Detector Lights Brightness Comparison Tool

The Mr Beams Brightness Comparison Tool

Take a look at how bright our LEDs are, compare lumens and light coverage and decide what light is best for you.

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Increase your home’s security in less than 5 minutes with Mr Beams outdoor motion detector lights. Compare our outdoor lights with the interactive brightness tool above to see each light’s brightness and light coverage.

The outdoor motion detector lights provide bright automatic light when they detect motion for convenient light when you’re expecting guests or security lighting for unwanted visitors. The lights install anywhere in minutes with the included screws or ground stakes.

Add instant safety and security to your home by installing outdoor lights in your yard where it would be expensive or inconvenient to install wired lighting, including doorways, garages, decks, porches, pathways, sheds, fences, trees and driveways.

Mr Beams outdoor motion detector lights have a durable, weatherproof design to withstand seasonal weather, including rain, snow, wind and heat. The lights have been thoroughly tested and earned IP ratings that range from IP44 to IP66.

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