Our Vision for Off Grid Lighting

We soon found that there were many problems that could be solved having a battery and intelligent control combined with a connection to AC or grid power. Some solutions, like for emergency or power outage lighting, already existed but much like the closet light, the solutions were not very intelligent or sophisticated. There were also applications in energy management where we could apply this idea of using the stored energy in a battery to reduce the amount of power consumed from the grid when it was advantageous to do so. Sometimes it could save the consumer money on the electric bill and sometimes it could reduce the amount of power needed, helping the power company in times of peak demand when the grid is over subscribed and becomes unstable. The potential benefits of being able to move power consumption off the grid are tremendous and could forever change the way electric companies approach power distribution.

What we have found is that our customers have a need for bright lighting that can be easily installed anywhere, operate without wires and automatically, is designed to solve a real problem for them and is inexpensive. Wireless lighting is finding a market because advances in LED lighting and wireless technology are allowing us to design products that solve real problems for customers.

Wireless Environment continues to be driven by its vision for Off Grid Lighting that:

  • More lighting will be battery powered or battery backed
  • The fully Off Grid Lighting market will continue to expand
  • Wired lighting will be replaced by wireless lighting in more applications
  • Hybrid versions will emerge in more applications for emergency lighting and energy management
  • Controls will evolve to be even more intelligent to meet the needs of these applications
  • We continue to make high quality products that solve real problems for our customers