The Off Grid Future

Wireless Environment is a developer of innovative technology and off grid lighting products. Our unique and futuristic vision that more lighting will be moved off grid has resulted in our being issued 26 utility patents and 10 design patents to date. When we started the company we were not lighting industry veterans. We understood the technology and could look five years into the future to imagine what types of product advances in LED technology would allow. What we saw was that lighting would be able to operate off grid much brighter and for longer periods of time than most people could imagine at the time. Now that we have been focused on the lighting industry for almost 10 years, we have a great appreciation for what lighting manufacturers have accomplished. We also believe that our vision grew out of looking at the problem from our perspective, that LED technology offered a new way to think about lighting. That new way of thinking was always off the grid for us. 

Fundamental to the success of Wireless Environment is our unwavering belief that technology advances in LED lighting and off grid power sources such as battery and solar power will continue at the rapid rate that we have seen since we started the company. Whether it is using these advances to go to market with fully off grid products like our Mr Beams® product line, intelligent power outage lighting like our ReadyBright® product line or for the advanced technology we develop for emergency lighting and energy management through grid shifting, this belief guides our approach to product design and our research & development work every day.