Nostalgic Vintage Edison Incandescent Outdoor String Lights with ST58 Bulbs

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ST58 Bulb Type

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Lighting That Transforms Your Home

Add instant ambiance lighting to any outdoor living area with Mr Beams Nostalgic Incandescent String Lights with ST58 Bulbs. The string lights provide warm ambiance lighting for decks, patios, backyards, gazebos and more. The ST58 bulbs create a classic, vintage lighting style for entertaining or everyday use.


Cord Lengths

24 ft / 48 ft

Bulb Type

ST58, Incandescent

Bulb Wattage


LED Color

Warm white (2200k)

Installation Skill Level



4.2 lbs / 8.1 lbs

Model Number(s)


User Manual


  • Includes 8 glass ST58 vintage Edison bulbs, including one spare bulb, to create a timeless lighting style while providing a soft warm glow.
  • Installation is quick and easy. Simply hang and drape the string lights as desired along walls or fixtures. Additional mounting hardware or cable kit not included.
  • The string lights’ IP65 weather rating allows it to be used outdoors year-round for events and ambiance lighting.
  • The lights’ dimmable feature allows for customized mood lighting.
  • The string lights’ 24-foot cord has 8 bulbs and 7 sockets with a 3.1-foot spacing between each for a total of 21.5-foot lighted area. Connect up to 4 24-foot string light cords together (up to 96 feet) for larger areas. Each bulb uses 40 watts with 1200 max watts per run.

Create Your Own Ambiance

Mr Beams Nostalgic Incandescent String Lights with ST58 Bulbs help to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for outdoor living areas, including decks, patios, porches, gazebos and more. Customize the mood and brightness with dimmable bulbs (dimmer not included).

Decorative Lighting

The string lights inline sockets create a bold lighting style for decorative statement lighting. Bulb sockets are spaced every 1.47 feet, allowing for the perfect amount of light to create an intimate atmosphere.

Linkable Strands

Connect multiple strands end-to-end for additional lighting or to light larger areas. Link up to 96 feet of incandescent string lights without exceeding 1200 watts (40 watts per bulb).

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