Mr Beams® UltraBright Outdoor LED Path Lights

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$39.99 - $107.99
80 Lumens
Battery Powered
Motion Activated

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Brighter Battery-Powered Safety Lighting

Mr Beams UltraBright LED Path Lights provide bright safety lighting to any sidewalk, pathway, driveway or patio so you can always see one step ahead. The wireless path lights install nearly anywhere regardless of wiring or daylight, while motion activation and auto shut off provide the ultimate convenience with hands-free lighting.


Battery Life

1 year (at 8 activations per day)

LED Color

Neutral white (3500k)

Installation Skill Level


Auto Shut Off

Turns off automatically if no motion is detected after 30 seconds.


0.73 lbs


20.08" H x 3.54" W x 3.54" D

Model Number(s)


User Manual


  • 80 lumens cover up to 180 square feet
  • Motion activated from 15 feet with 140 degrees angle of detection
  • 30-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life
  • Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware
  • 4 C-cell batteries provide 1 year of light with average use of 8 activations a day (batteries not included)
  • IPX6 rated for outdoor use
  • The brightest path light in the Mr Beams line to increase outdoor safety and security

Bright LED

The outdoor path light provides 80 lumens of battery-powered light that cover 180 square feet. Install the LED path light along pathways, driveways, sidewalks, patios, garden and near steps to help increase safety and prevent trips and falls.

Motion Activated
with Auto Shut Off

The automatic path lights instantly activate when they detect motion within 15 feet to serve as an effective hands-free light. The LED light automatically turns off 30 seconds after motion stops to help prolong battery life. Expect about 1 year of light on each set of batteries with average use of 8 activations a day.

Wireless Installation

Install the wireless path lights in less than 5 minutes anywhere around your home or yard. The battery-powered lights can be installed in the ground with the included ground stake regardless of wiring or sunlight. Tight seals and weather-resistant materials allow the path light to work in all weather conditions.

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    Ultrabright Outdoor Path Lights

    Nancee Fox

    We have lots of these path lights and keep buying more. They light up the stairs and paths circling our home. Outdoors we have a combination of motion detectors, solar lights and wired path lights. The main reason I love these is how easy it is to move to a new location when needed. Our wired path lights turn off at midnight, but these motion detector path lights will light up at 3am if needed. They make it safe for after dark deliveries. You will not be disappointed.

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    Motion lights


    Saw these at a cabin we rented. Like them so much we bought a set for us. We set them up to light up our walkway as we walked along it at night. We like them so much we bought two family members each a set for Christmas! We bought our selves another set for the backyard also. I guess you can say it we really like them!

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    Thomas Smith

    Oh, these lights are wonderful! They do EXACTLY what I wanted. Get me safely from the car to the porch. The porch light doesn't always come on and sense my approach, but Mr. Beams after a month of use is 100% effective. And it's getting dark now when I get home, so these are a trip saver! Guess who is going to buy some more!

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  • 5
    LED path lights


    A friend had these. I had to get them. Highly recommended.

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  • 5
    ultrabright outdoor led path lights


    i love these lights. i keep buying more. have had a batch for a year and still haven't needed to change the batteries.

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  • 5
    Great product, bright light, easy installation. Makes a pathway clearly visible, and scares away any unwanted animals.


    These lights are top notch. After using them for 2 months I have nothing to complain about. The lights do exactly as they have been described here on the site and they even go above and beyond what is stated here. They are VERY bright, they have a large coverage of light as well. I have a pretty long path to my house and 2 of these things do the job far better then I had expected. Installation is cool and easy. They feel great, they look great, and they are great. I am about to go buy a second pair because of how satisfied I have been. I think some key things to take note is that in the snow they shine very bright and I can clearly tell the difference between ice and pavement. I can see where to step on my pathway without slipping and falling. Also my family and I had a skunk and deer problem around our house and with these lights the pesky animals never showed their faces again. No more deer eating our plants, and no more smelly skunks. See, because these lights have a motion sensor on them, with even the slightest movement from very far away they turn on. This managed to scare away all unwanted animals and our flowers lived to see another day. So point being you should stop hesitating and buy these lights! Why are you still reading this?? GO GO GO

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    Great Lights


    I recieved a two pack of path lights about two weeks ago. Here are my thoughts:
    Two per box, and they are vey well packaged. Instructions are very easy to understand. You just slap in 4 c batteries and stick them in the ground. I was able to replace 4 solar lights with the two Mr Beams path lights and they are much brighter. The motion sensor works very well. They kick on when the car pulls in the driveway. They stay on long enough to make it into the house. Overall very impressed. Only downside I see are they are much taller than the solar lights. But thats a tradeoff I will take for the brighter and much whiter light they provide. I give them 5 stars.

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    Terrific, and ultra easy to install. I bought 4 more!

    Movie Maker

    Another WINNER from Mr BEAMS! High quality construction, and ultra-simple to install for a polished, professional look.

    I liked them so well I bought 4 more! The sensor works perfectly, and the lights have a perfect brightness.

    Great for anyone, but also a terrific gift for senior or those with low-vision issues.

    This is one DIY 'project' that is NOT difficult, and the results will fundamentally change and enhance your path or walkway.

    The brown color is almost a dark bronze, adding to the richness of the look. Swank!

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  • 4
    impressive path lights


    Received these to test. very impressed with the quality of the product. after placing them outside on our front entry the brightness is more than adequate. like the fact the they are preset for the amount of time they are on.

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