Mr Beams® Stand Anywhere Motion Activated Night Light

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20 Lumens
Battery Powered
Motion Activated

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Increase Safety with Continuous
Experience A New Way to Night Light

Mr Beams MB750 Stand Anywhere Light introduces a new way to experience safety and convenience lighting around your home. The wireless, battery-powered night light features a durable standing design, so no installation is required. Simple insert batteries for automatic light. The battery-powered night light also contains Mr Beams signature features, including motion activation, auto shut off and long battery life.


Battery Life

1 year (at 8 activations per day)

LED Color

Neutral white (4000k)

Installation Skill Level


Auto Shut Off

20 seconds


0.33 lbs


4.21" H x 2.75" W x 2.75" D

Model Number(s)


User Manual


  • 20 lumens cover up to 20 square feet
  • Motion activated from 15 feet with 120 degrees angle of detection
  • 20-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life
  • Durable standing design allows for light anywhere without installation
  • 4 AA-cell batteries provide 1 year of light with average use of 8 activations a night (batteries not included)
  • Optional "Off" switch to prevent unwanted activations

Motion Activated

The automatic night light contains motion and light sensors to the light only activates when it detects motion in the dark. It shuts off 20 seconds after motion stops to help prolong battery life. Expect about 1 year of light on each set of batteries with average use of 8 activations a night.

Durable Standing Design

The Stand Anywhere LED Light features a durable standing design so the light can be placed anywhere. This unique design eliminates the need for installation. Simply insert batteries and place the wireless night light anywhere in the home, including counters, cupboards, tables, closets, kitchens and bathrooms. Watch the video to learn more.


Because the standing night light does not require any mounting or installation, you can easily move it from one area to another to get more light in more places, making it an ideal light for traveling, kids' rooms or moving around the home. Its weatherproof design makes it durable enough for outdoor use.

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  • 5
    Night light

    Carl Piplick

    I have ordered approx 25 to date....great gift ...Carl

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  • 5
    Bought again

    Carl Piplick

    Bought the items twice.......great

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  • 5
    Good Old Fashion Service

    Michael Blanchette

    Have you ever wished for the Good 'ol Days when things were done right?  Well you're in the right place.  I'm a long time customer and I recently purchased the MB750 and posted a review that mentioned how dim the light was.  Deseree in Customer Service not only read the review but reached out and offered to help.  I sent a picture of that light next to one of my others and sure enough, it was not as bright as it should have been.  Now I have a new one that works great, just like all their other products!  In my opinion, they do things right and that's good old fashioned Customer Service.  Thanks Deseree!

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  • 5
    Mr. Beams Stand Anywhere Motion Activated Night Light


    I have found these nightlights to be very useful in our home. My elderly mother resides with us and the hallway connecting her bedroom to the bathroom does not have electrical plugs. I have these nightlights on the carpeted floor and since they are motion activated they are perfect for her night time walk to the bathroom. The batteries last a very long time.

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  • 5
    Great light, dont use with Amazon Basics batteries


    One would think that Amazon would test two of their products together.

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  • 5
    Great item


    Handy item... very useful

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  • 4
    Straight back to the retailer with it


    I ripped open a fresh package of alkalines, slipped them in my brand new MB750 and presto: LIGHT! Except. It. Never. Turns. Off. Left it in a bright room: it doesn't shut off. Put it in a dark room: it doesn't shut off. It is basically just a light with a really awkward on/off switch. It doesn't seem to care whether the room is lit or not, and doesn't even need to bother detecting motion because it never, ever, turns off.

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  • 5
    Amazing light


    Picked one of these up to try for the bathroom. It's amazing! Great light and it also has a very nice look. Turned on when we walked in to the bathroom. Perfect for us as we have children. Great safety product!

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