Mr Beams® NetBright® Motion Sensor

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Battery Powered
Motion Activated

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Intelligent Networked Devices for Better Home Security

Mr Beams NetBright Motion Sensor expands your NetBright system's reach for increased home security. Patented technology allows NetBright devices to communicate with each other so when one detects motion, all others on the network activate. The stand-alone motion sensor installs anywhere without wires to strategically trigger activation of NetBright lights around the home. Perfect for long driveways, far corners of the backyard or other property access points.


Battery Life

1 year (at 8 activations per day)

Installation Skill Level



0.18 lbs


2.4" H x 2.68" W x 1.42" D

Model Number(s)


User Manual


  • Motion activated from 10 feet with 140 degrees angle of detection
  • Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware
  • 2 AA-cell batteries provide 1 year of use with average use of 8 activations a day (batteries not included)
  • IPX6 rated for outdoor use
  • Create up to 4 lighting zones with up to 50 devices on each

Smart Security Lighting

The NetBright Motion Sensor contains technology that allows it to create a wireless network. When the NetBright motion sensor detects motion within 10 feet, all lights on the network activate. Each NetBright device has four channels for different lighting zones. Add up to 50 devices to each channel within 150 feet. All NetBright lights and devices are compatible.

Motion Activated

The NetBright Motion Sensor detects motion within 10 feet to activate other NetBright devices. Install the device in strategic areas to trigger activation of your NetBright system, including long driveways, far corners of the backyard and other property access points.

Wireless Installation

Install the NetBright Motion Sensor anywhere around the home and yard to increase the effectiveness of your NetBright security lighting system. Because the motion sensor operates on 2 AA-cell batteries, it can be installed almost anywhere, including garages, doorways, mailboxes, decks, fences and trees. Installation takes about 5 minutes with the included screws.

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    Motion Sensors Work Great!


    We set up a few motion sensors around our yard so the spot lights stay on even when we go past their activation areas. Great idea! No more running back to the motion sensor light to keep it on.

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    A must have!


    I use my sensor as a remote for a system in my backyard. When I want to turn the lights on, I just take the motion sensor from under the towel covering it and turn on the light system in my very dark backyard. I can go out with my dog and carry the sensor with me, so they do not turn off. I read this on another review, and it is a perfect replacement for a remote!

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    I Absolutely Love It

    Sharon Rhea

    As with my substantial collection of Mr Beams, I love it. It simply detects motion and sets off the networked lights I have all over (and a few facing outward from inside). It works great on a tree, outside of a door, etc. I also (having several) keep one nearby to wave my hand over if the dogs start barking. By doing so, all the network lights outside and in turn on looking like an attempted prison breakout. FYI: it works better than the barking dogs since I praise them when they do, which for some odd reason makes them stop.

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