Wireless Motion Sensor Light Technology

Since 2006, our goal has been to incorporate cutting-edge and growing LED technology into our wireless motion sensor lights. By combining the energy efficiency of LEDs with the convenience of battery power, our lights provide a smart, simple and affordable solution for home lighting. Each Mr Beams ®, ReadyBright ® and NetBright ® light contains patented technology that helps increase safety, security and convenience around the home and installs anywhere in minutes – no wires or electrician required. 

Watch the video to hear Mike Recker, Mr Beams' CTO and co-founder, discuss what makes Mr Beams different from other lighting companies.

"We're a unique company. A lot of companies go overseas and they source a product and they just bring it over here. But at Wireless Environment, maker of Mr Beams, we're innovators. We create products from our own unique ideas.

"And because of that, we have 22 issued patents in the United States. That's because we create ideas that have never been seen before and they're patentable ideas. We own the rights to these ideas. We have another 20 patents pending. This is how we are different than a lot of companies we compete with."

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LED Technology

Although LEDs have been around for more than 50 years, LED technology has experienced major growth over the last two decades. Since the blue LED was discovered in 1992 – making white light possible – LED lights have become more advanced and affordable for consumers. It’s because of these advances that Mr Beams lights are possible

Mr Beams LED Technology

Check out our interactive brightness comparison tool for indoor and outdoor motion detector lights to see how bright each light is.

Motion Activation

Mr Beams motion spotlight field of visionBecause Mr Beams lights are motion activated with automatic shut off, they are only on when they’re needed, which helps to prolong the battery life. The automatic lights offer:

•convenient hands-free lighting for doorways and stairways

•safety lighting for hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms

•security lighting for the perimeter of your home

The lights use a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor, which detects the movement of heat. Depending on the model, the light can detect movement anywhere from 7 to 30 feet away. Mr Beams lights also have a wide field of vision, so they detect motion within 120-140 degrees of the face of the light.

Watch the motion sensor lights in action.

Battery Life

Batteries are a crucial component of Mr Beams lights. They allow the lights to be wireless and bright. By combining energy efficient LEDs with affordable batteries, our wireless motion sensor lights can be installed anywhere. Batteries help you get more from your light because:

•LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than other lighting sources, allowing them to have a long battery life

•each Mr Beams light is designed to get one year's worth of light on each set of batteries with average use of 8-10 activations a day

•Mr Beams lights are motion activated with auto shut off to help prolong battery life

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Mr Beams Battery FAQs

Wireless Networks

Mr Beams NetBright technology

Mr Beams NetBright technology has created a brand new way to protect your home. NetBright technology allows lights to communicate with each other, so when one activates all others on the network activate for sophisticated perimeter security lighting.

The lights contain other signature Mr Beams technology, such as motion activation, automatic shut off and battery power, but also create a wireless network of lighting for affordable and effective home security.

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