Mr Beams® Wireless Motion Sensor LED Slim Task Light MB852, Set of 2 (White)


35 Lumens

4 AA Alkaline Batteries

10 Square feet Coverage Area

•35 lumens cover up to 10 square feet
•Motion activated from 7 feet
•20 or 60-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life
•Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included double-sided adhesive or mounting hardware
•4 AA-cell batteries provide 1 year of light with average use of 8 activations a day (batteries not included)
•Included motion sensor cover helps decrease motion-sensing range to prevent unwanted activations

Customer Reviews

I absolutely love these lights!!! I saved so much money purchasing these lights versus hiring an electrician to install wired under cabinet lighting. The brightness of the lights is amazing and better than wired lighting. I purchased the 6 pack and pla

I have been wanting to put lights under my kitchen cabinets for quite some time, but did not want to go through the expense of hiring an electrician to install under cabinet lighting. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I purchased these lights. They are amazing and the brightness of the light they produce is way more than I expected from a battery operated light. I can honestly say after viewing wired under cabinet lighting that these lights produce more light than a wired one.

Nice Under cabinet lights

These lights are nicely made and easy to install. I like the light quality as well. Nice job, Mr. Beams.

The Price is Right For What They Deliver

They were very easy to install under my kitchen cabinets and give off the right amount of light for my tasks. My only complaint is that they don't stay on long enough and I have to keep waving to set off the motion detector when longer use is needed. They are about right for what they cost, a good product.
When a relative came to visit she liked what she saw and asked me to order two for her, so I am.

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User Manual
Installation Video
Installation Videos
  • Battery Life: 1 Year (25 hours) or more on Alkaline batteries
  • LED Color: Neutral White
  • Installation Skill Level: Easy/Beginner
  • Auto Shut-Off Description: Turns off automatically when no motion is detected for 20 or 60 seconds (2 options). 
  • Weight (without batteries): 2.08 ounces
  • Dimensions: 0.87" L x 4.33" W x 2.44" H