Mr Beams® Stick Anywhere Wireless Motion Sensor LED Night Lights MB723, Set of 3 (White)


20 Lumens

4 AA Alkaline Batteries

10 Square feet Coverage Area

•20 lumens cover up to 10 square feet
•Motion activated from 15 feet
•30-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life
•Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included double-sided adhesive or mounting hardware
•4 AA-cell batteries provide 1 year of light with average use of 8 activations a day (batteries not included)
•Provides instant hands-free night lighting to increase home safety

Customer Reviews

Very Good Lights for Stairs

I purchased 6 of these for our outside deck stairs. They work really good and have lasted 3yrs. One of the front sensor shield has broken, but it still works. The one downfall is the back plastic tabs that hook to the holders tend to break easy, but we replaced the tabs with small screws, so not that big of a deal.

Perfect For Deck Stairs

We purchased two sets of these lights, for our deck stairs, and they have held up for 3 years. A few of the plastic tabs that the lights hook up to have broken. We just use small screws in place of them, and they work fine.

Excellent Product ! ! !

I bought a 3-pack of the MB723 Night Lights. I placed one under the bed. Sooooooo useful when I get up in the middle of the night. Navigating the room is much easier, and it turns off quickly so I can go right back to sleep. Another one for the bathroom and another one for an electronics project. These are super bright. Nice! Highly recommend ! ! !

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User Manual
Installation Video
Installation Videos
  • Battery Life: 1 Year (50 hours) or more on Alkaline batteries
  • LED Color: Neutral White (4000K)
  • Installation Skill Level: Easy/Beginner
  • Auto Shut-Off Description: Turns off automatically when no motion is detected for 30 seconds.  
  • Weight (without batteries): 3.52 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.14" L x 3.39" W x 3.86" H