Mr Beams® UltraBright LED Lantern with USB Port MB480 (White)


260 Lumens

4 D-Cell Alkaline Batteries

360 degrees Coverage Area

The Mr Beams® UltraBright LED Lantern is a must for every camping trip and emergency kit. Choose from two brightness settings and expect at least 35 hours of light on one set of batteries. The USB charging port lets you charge your phone, MP3 player and any other USB device when you aren't near an outlet. 

Need a different colored LED lantern? Take a look at our Mr Beams® UltraBright LED Lantern with USB Charger MB470!

Customer Reviews

Great light, helpful

We used these lanterns when our power went out for hurricane irma. It was wonderful to have light, the nightlight feature and to be able to charge my device made this my appendage while we waited for the lights to come back on . Waiting for the double packs again to be available so that i may stock up for the next inevitable power outage.

I think these are great lanterns

I have both green and white; green for my hunting, white for the house. I needed a good light today. I was cleaning my dryer vents out - perfect, gave me all the light I needed to get the job done! If you are a home owner, you need one of these.

Great battery powered lantern!

I bought several of these as Christmas gifts for my family and was very thankful for them last night. We lost power and the kids have final exams today. They were able to use the light to study and keep their phones charged with the USB port to also stay connected to the study items on the internet. The handle is great for carrying from room to room and they give off an excellent beam without being blinding. I give this item an A+!

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User Manual
Installation Video
Installation Videos
  • Battery Life: 1 Year (30 hours) or more on Alkaline batteries
  • LED Color: Neutral White (4000K)
  • Installation Skill Level: Easy/Beginner
  • Auto Shut-Off Description: 60 minutes
  • Weight (without batteries): 18.08 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.74" L x 4.13" W x 8.07" H