Mr Beams® UltraBright LED Wireless Motion Sensor Spotlight MB390 (Dark Brown)


400 Lumens

4 D-Cell Alkaline Batteries

400 square feet Coverage Area

•400 lumens cover up to 400 square feet
•Motion activated from 25 feet
•20-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life
•Wireless installation takes less than 5 minutes with the included mounting hardware
•4 D-cell batteries provide 1 year of light with average use of 8 activations a day (batteries not included)
•IPX6 rated for outdoor use
•The UltraBright Spotlight is a customer favorite for bright, reliable, outdoor security lighting

Customer Reviews

Very Bright!

I bought this to light up a dark corner of my backyard for my dogs at night. It is super bright and the motion sensor picks them up from quite far. I am going to get another one for another corner of my yard.

Excellent Value

I've installed three MB380 units on the exterior of my place, and the installation and setup were both a snap. Opening the inside battery compartment was a bit challenging, though. Maybe place instructions outside of the battery compartment to solve this? After dark, I was out checking on the angles to ensure good coverage–check! Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Added more lights

We just purchased the two pack of the MB 390 (2) to replace a couple of short lived outdoor solar lights. For our needs the MR Beams battery powered lights out perform the solars. The MB 480 lantern is versatile works as well now as it did when purchased in 2015; and the USB charger is a plus.

The MB 300 works great in the safe. I taped a magnet from a old hard drive to the base and it becomes a movable stick up in the safes interior. The MB 3000, the MB370s share duties inside or out depending on the need at the time, something that solars do not do so well.

If MR Beams ever puts a infrared series of lights to augment security cameras, that would be great.

Thank you

David K

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User Manual
Installation Video
Installation Videos
  • Battery Life: 1 Year (25 hours) or more on Alkaline batteries
  • LED Color: Cool White (5000K)
  • Installation Skill Level: Easy/Beginner
  • Auto Shut-Off Description: Turns off automatically when no motion is detected for 20 seconds.  
  • Weight (without batteries): 9.92 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.13" L x 3.74" W x 6.89" H