ReadyBright® Power Outage House Lighting Kit by Mr Beams® LED MB280

The Power Outage LED Flashlight & Remote plugs into any outlet and detects a power outage the moment it happens, alerting the 3 ReadyBright Ceiling Lights and Stair Lights to turn on, so you're never caught in the dark during a power outage. 

Customer Reviews

Excellent Product!

We ordered this and installed it the day it came in the mail. We wanted the house to be VERY lit up if the power went out because of the children. We weren't sure if we ordered enough lights, and the lights were so bright we almost didn't need all of them. We used one light for the entire kitchen, one light for the hall, and one light for the living room. The square footage these lights cover is amazing! Every time the power has gone out, it almost wasn't noticed because the emergency lights came on so quick. These are so great, we ordered a kit for each family member's house.

Storm Tested Lighting System within 2 Weeks

I purchased the MB280 to bring peace of mind to my 80 year old mother. Two weeks later a winter storm knocked out power during the evening when she was alone, and all of the lights illuminated, allowing her to move safely throughout the house, and prepare for bed. I had placed the 3 brighter main room units in the living room, kitchen, and her bedroom, and the smaller lights at the head of the steps, in the hallway, and in her bathroom. She said the light I placed in the kitchen was bright enough to allow her to finish an article she had been reading while sitting at the kitchen counter. The other lights allowed her to avoid the stairs and safely maneuver around house. She said she didn't need to rummage around drawers to find a flashlight because the flashlight controller that was plugged into a wall outlet had also illuminated allowing her to locate it without difficulty. This was a smart purchase.

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User Manual
Installation Video
Installation Videos
  • Battery Life: 40+ Hours
  • LED Color: Neutral White
  • Installation Skill Level: Easy/Beginner
  • Auto Shut-Off Description: Turns off after 30 minutes to conserve batteries when no one is home. To keep on continuously, pull MB220 out of outlet or press remote to cancel auto-shut off.
  • Weight (without batteries): 48.0 ounces