LED Trends / Market

Advances in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) technology are resulting in breakthrough energy efficiency for on-grid and off-grid light fixtures. Last year, the benchmark for R&D among LED manufacturers was 200 lumen per watt performance for LED components. Cree recently announced their XLamp MK-R LED which is a single die LED component delivering 200 lumens per watt. The research will continue and it will result in products on the market generating more light while consuming less power.

There are many LED component manufacturers and different types and quality of components on the market today. The selection of an LED to use in a product is a difficult task. Our process when selecting an LED for a new product we are developing involves revisiting all of the manufacturers on the market that we believe are reliable and provide high quality LED components. Our experience has shown that every 6 months there is a new wave of brighter, more efficient, lower cost LED components coming onto the market. We will narrow down the candidate to the best 2 to 5 based on advertised price and performance then we will test the parts in an environment similar to what the final product will experience. This is truly where we find out what 1 or 2 LED components we will use in a product. All of the claims made in marketing literature are either proven or disproven.