Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the big factors in the march towards LEDs in light bulbs and fixtures. On the commercial side, building managers are retrofitting entire buildings because the energy savings in getting the same amount of light for significantly less power pays off the retrofit, sometimes in less than a year. Home owners are seeing their energy bills go down when they invest in next generation LED lighting.

For us, LEDs enable products to solve problems for our customers powered only by batteries. In our wireless lighting products, advances in energy efficiency allow our products to be bright, intelligently controlled LED lights capable of running for one or more years off of a set of alkaline or rechargeable batteries. For example, our MB390 UltraBright Spotlight produces 300 lumens of light running on batteries, which allows it to be installed anywhere without wires. Motion sensors, RF controls and intelligent operation allow the lights to turn on when they are needed and stay on only as long as necessary.

Our ReadyBright® power outage lighting product provides greater than 100 lumens of light that is automatically illuminated when a power outage occurs. Our power outage lights are battery powered, can be installed anywhere and are controlled remotely by our power outage detector. Our customers can permanently install bright off grid lighting such that they can go on with a normal life during the more frequent power outages everyone is experiencing. This is another application that takes advantage of the energy efficiency offered by LED technology.

Our vision for the future takes advantage of this energy efficiency. The fully off-grid lighting market will expand. Hybrid versions of lighting will start to appear on the market in applications where energy storage can be used to reduce power consumption from the grid during times of peak energy usage. Energy use will be optimized by intelligently controlling off grid lights and using battery power as needed. We believe in a future where wireless lighting will contribute towards more energy efficiency in the home, office and in public areas.