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Amber light is going to make you look at night lights a whole new way. At first glance, amber night lights look just like the rest, but they provide an entirely different light for a different purpose.

Mr Beams night lights are ideal for convenient light anywhere you need it, including kitchens, stairways, doorways, closets, basements, decks and porches. Signature features – motion activation, automatic shut-off, wireless installation and long battery life – make these lights perfect for home safety and convenience lighting. However, the addition of one more feature separates amber night lights from our original night lights: amber light.

Amber light has been found to be less disruptive to our sleep cycles than blue or white light. With a color wavelength greater than 550 nm, amber night lights make a great solution for bedroom and bathroom night lighting. Install for hands-free amber night lighting, guiding your late night trips to the bathroom or early mornings without the harsh awakening that comes with bright, white light.

At night, our brains produce melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate our sleep and wake cycles. Studies have shown that light affects melatonin secretion, which impacts our quality of and ability to sleep. Being exposed to white light shortens melatonin duration by 1.5 hours, according to a study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

It is for this reason that we designed our amber lights for sleep areas, including bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. Check out our full line of amber night lights to improve your quality of sleep today.

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