Why NetBright?

Why NetBright?

Posted by Jamie Shearer on Dec 3rd 2014

While our MB360 is the best selling wireless spotlight on the market and solves the majority of homeowners lighting challenges, we will be the first to say there are a few instances that you just need a spotlight that is a little smarter…and a little brighter. That is why we created the NetBright® spotlight.


Both our original Spotlights and the NetBright Spotlights have 400 square feet of light coverage, operate with 3 D cell batteries and come in both brown and white color choices.  So why do you need NetBright?


For starters, the NetBright Spotlight offers 200 lumens of light versus 140 lumens from the MB360, and has a 20 second auto shut-off, rather than 30 seconds.  While both spotlights provide 400 square feet of light coverage per light, NetBright is expandable so you can set up up to 50 lights in each network for more coverage.  This is the big difference in choosing what spotlight is right for you.  Rather than one single light activating with motion, you can light up an entire front yard simultaneously when any unit senses motion. 


For specific areas outside your doors, in your garage or a short driveway, a regular spotlight works perfectly.  But when you have a large yard, long driveway, large garage or barn or even a warehouse where you want the entire area lit up at once, NetBright will have you covered.  Just like the original Spotlights, you can position these spotlights all over your property, taking just a few minutes to install each light.

Simple. Synchronized. Secure.  NETBRIGHT.


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