Mr Beams Night Light Family

Whether you live alone or with family, keeping your home safe at night is a top priority. You may have a security system, special locks for your doors and windows and even a solid outdoor security lighting system. However, many fail to recognize the safety risks that exist within the walls of your home.

Since we spend the majority of dark hours inside, it is vital to not overlook indoor safety. Night lights can cut down on trips and falls and provide a better opportunity for you to get quality hours of rest.

We know it can be overwhelming to find the right night light for your home, so we’re here to help! All Mr Beams night lights are equipped with motion sensors and energy efficient LEDs. Each light takes less than 5 minutes to install for up to a year of light before a battery change is necessary. See how each light in the Mr Beams night light family stacks up against your needs.



Which night light is best for your home safety needs?


MB700 Mini Stick Anywhere Night Light


MB710 LED Night Light


MB720 Stick Anywhere Night Light


MB720A Amber Stick Anywhere Night Light


MB750 Stand Anywhere Night Light





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