NetBright Spotlight

The Mr Beams NetBright System was designed to offer customers a better way to light up many areas of their home. One of the benefits of this system is being able to choose whether or not every light is synced to a network or operates independently.

For instance, the NetBright System is great for lighting large areas, like backyards. However, it may not always be ideal for all lights on the property to activate at once. This is why NetBright lights are equipped with dip switches that allow you to set up to four different channels. You can either create multiple zones of many lights each or simply leave a single light on its own channel for independent activation.

So, how do you un-sync a light once it’s been synced? To unsync a NetBright Spotlight, you will need to remove the face of said light from the unit. After removing the face, locate the small, square red panel near the base of the battery pack (see image below). You will notice two small switches on this red panel (these are the dip switches). Switch the direction of one, or both, dip switches to choose a channel. As long as no other NetBright lights are switched to the same channel, this light is now ready to activate independently.

NetBright Spotlight Dip Switches
Now, you know how to set a NetBright Spotlight to its own frequency, and it will activate on its own. It will only provide bright light when and where it is needed, without activating other NetBright lights. For more information on the NetBright System, click here.

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