The Original Ceiling Light


Light is vital to us in a variety of situations. We sometimes overlook the value light can add to our daily lives as we navigate our busy schedules. Often, we don’t realize how much we need bright light, until we are without it.

One of the most common under-lit areas of the home is the shower. Lack of sufficient shower lighting can impact your daily routine, making common tasks difficult. Luckily, you don’t need to consult an electrician to solve this problem. Lighting a dark shower can be easy and convenient, with the Mr Beams Original Ceiling Light and UltraBright Ceiling Light. Wireless, motion-sensing and waterproof, these ceiling lights are perfect for any shower.

MB980 Ceiling Light

At 100 lumens, the Original Ceiling Light provides bright, white light without the hassle of a pull string or expensive wiring. Battery power allows for quick, five-minute installation anywhere. Due to Mr Beams signature motion activation and auto shut-off features, the light can last up to a year on just one set of batteries, based on an average of 8-10 activations a day.


MB990 UltraBright Ceiling Light

The UltraBright Ceiling Light provides 300 lumens of bright, white light. Its unique diffuser spreads light for a wider coverage area of 300 square feet. This lights clean, modern design complements any home decor. Like the Original Ceiling Light, motion activation and auto shut-off features ensure a long battery life, so you always have light when and where you need it.

Of course, these lights are ideal for much more than bright shower lighting. Think about lighting dark sheds, closets, porches, hallways, attics, pantries and more. For bright light anywhere, shop Mr Beams ceiling lights today.




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