NetBright High Performance Security Light Q&A with Our Sr. Product Manager

Posted by Jamie Shearer on Oct 24th 2016

The newest addition to the NetBright family – the NetBright High Performance Security Light – combines the best of Mr Beams with NetBright technology, which allows the lights to communicate and create a wireless network.

The NetBright High Performance Security Light is based off our original High Performance Security Light that launched earlier this summer. With the added NetBright technology, you can customize your home security lighting to a new level.

Mr Beams NetBright High Performance Security Light

Just catching on to NetBright? Ryan, our senior product manager, wants you to know how simple the system is.

“The only additional setup step from other Mr Beams lights is flicking a switch to establish up to four lighting zones, which create a unique lighting network tailored to your needs,” he says.

Keep reading to learn more about this new addition to the NetBright family.

MB: What makes the MBN3000 NetBright High Performance Security Light an innovative light?

RYAN: The innovation on the MBN3000 is twofold: First, it’s building on the dual head high performance design of the original MB3000 High Performance Security Light, which is quickly becoming a customer favorite. Second, it’s utilizing our patented NetBright technology to seamlessly work with other NetBright lights as a complete system.

MB: What does this addition mean for the NetBright system?

RYAN: It’s great news for NetBright because it provides another dimension to build a customizable outdoor security lighting system. It also adds an additional level of performance to an already intelligent system.

MB: What makes NetBright unique?

RYAN: Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it makes your Mr Beams lighting system fully wireless. Not only do the lights work off batteries instead of AC power, but now the lights communicate wirelessly with each other to turn on whenever one detects motion.

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