We hear from customers on a weekly basis how much the ReadyBright Power Outage System has helped families stay safe in a power outage. We knew we had a winner when our Power Outage Lights received the Good Housekeeping VIP Award (Very Innovative Product) and was featured on the Today Show this morning!



The home emergency power outage lighting system was developed as a supplemental lighting system for homes and offices when the power goes out. With the Power Outage Detector/Flashlight plugged into any outlet, you can have peace of mind knowing that whenever you lose power, these handy lights will illuminate any area of your home. The MB220 will automatically send a signal to any other ReadyBright Power Outage Lights in your home, including the Power Outage Ceiling Light and Power Outage Path Light, the moment you lose power.


Since they are wireless, they can be installed anywhere, with batteries lasting up to 40 hours. These are a must-have for anyone living in an area that encounters power outages frequently.


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