Mr Beams™ Compare & Contrast Series: Mini LED Spotlight

Mr Beams™ Compare & Contrast Series: Mini LED Spotlight

Posted by Jamie Shearer on Feb 14th 2020

Mr. Beams Compare and Contrast Series Mini SpotlightTV shows us some pretty great things, like important events that happen halfway around the world, programs that let us see things we never could’ve imagined and thing we learned about in school but might not remember. It also shows us products that may or may not be as good as they claim. So we did some research to see how our products compare to their “as seen on tv” counterparts, starting with the Mini Spotlight.

Number of LEDs

It’s important to have a “quality over quantity” mindset when it comes to LEDs. Some traits you’ll find in low-quality LEDs are a lack of brightness, unnatural color and a short lifespan.

Installation Method

While the competitor uses double-sided adhesive for a convenient installation, Mr Beams Mini Spotlight can be installed anywhere with the two included screws for a durable, secure installation.


So the Mr. Beams Mini Spotlight uses C batteries and the competitor uses AA? The main difference between C and AA is that C cells have a higher electrical current and larger capacity for work over a given time.

Color of LED

Mr Beams Mini Spotlight provides a neutral white light, while some competitors' light have a blue tint to their light.

Overall, the Mr Beams™ Mini Wireless LED Spotlight is much more efficient, resilient, powerful and have higher ratings than our competitors. Brighten your home with our mini LED spotlights or contact us if you have any questions about our wireless LED lights!

Watch the mini spotlight comparison video here.

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