Have you ever fallen off your dock trying to enter your boat at night? Or scrambled to locate your boat’s circuit breaker to turn on the cabin lights in the evening? Well, as all avid boaters know, it is not easy and is fairly dangerous to perform these actions in complete darkness.

Just picture yourself on the shore about to journey into the pitch black void where your boat is silently sitting. You first have to cross the dark path of your dock. If you don’t have a flashlight this could be absolutely frightening. One false move and you might be swimming, or even worse walking into a spider web.

Let’s say you are lucky enough to make it to your boat dry and spider-free. Now, you have to take the big step into your watercraft without tripping. If you successfully complete this stage, you have to then navigate down the steep flight of stairs to your boat’s circuit breaker in the cabin. And voila! Your breaker appears and you can finally feel relieved as the cabin is illuminated.

No boater deserves to go through this treacherous transition from the shadows of the marine environment to their blissful floating berth. The experts at Mr Beams™ recognized this problem and have developed lighting products to solve the issue. Follow our step-by-step marine lighting tips below:

1. The first problem many boaters encounter when trying to navigate to their boat at night is their dark, hazardous dock. Many mariners are unable to foresee this issue and therefore fail to install dock lights to assist them. There are a number of marinas that install lighting to help boaters navigate down the docks at night. However, for the most part, these dock lights are not nearly bright enough to fully illuminate the dock. Mr Beams™ Outdoor LED Step Lights are the perfect answer to this problem. With a quick and easy wireless installation, these motion sensor lights provide bright, powerful LED light that is directed downwards to the dock surface. After 20 to 60 seconds (depending on the setting) the LED dock lights automatically turn off, saving energy.

2. The second issue seafarer’s encounter is the steep step into their vessels. It is very easy to misjudge the gap between your deck and watercraft. We suggest installing a Mr Beams™ UltraBright LED Wireless Motion Sensor Spotlight in the corner of your dock pointing at this area. The powerful LED light will provide 300 lumens of light to help guide you into your boat. If your dock comes equipped with steps to help guide you into your boat, you should install LED Step Lights along the side of the stairs.

3. The third problem boat owners have to face is descending down their stairs and locating the circuit breaker in their cabin. Many people often get seriously injured attempting to try to make that first step into their cabin. We suggest installing the new MB702 & MB706 Mini Stick Anywhere LED Lights by your stairs and in important parts of your cabin to assist you in not only locating your circuit breaker, but also to help you navigate around the cabin at night. These wireless, mighty lights provide sufficient boat cabin lighting while helping you save electricity, and preventing you from having to use the power provided by your marina or your property.

If you follow these three steps, navigating in and around your boat will be easy and stress-free. In fact, make walking to your boat even simpler by carrying a Mr Beams™ UltraBright LED Lantern. You can carry this with you and then hang it on the deck of your boat. All in all, Mr Beams™ lights make perfect marine LED lights for boats. If you have any questions regarding the features or installation process of our powerful LED lights, please contact us today.