How Bright is a Lumen

How Bright is a Lumen

Posted by Mr Beams on Oct 9th 2013

What is a lumen? For years, consumers have wondered what the right number of lumens they need is to provide bright light in an area of their needs.  In order to help guide them, we first find out what the area is that they are lighting, then find out the size of the area they need lit.  Depending on their answers we might go into further detail about the direction of the light, where they will be mounting it, and how far away they will be when they want it to activate, hands free.  There is so much confusion with lumens/watts (which can be explained here), the number of LEDs and other details that don't really matter.  In fact, in most cases when a product has multiple LEDs in it, it's more of a marketing pitch.  The quality of the LED and number of lumens and light coverage is really all that matters.


When we developed the new Mr Beams website, we wanted to help educate customers on what they are purchasing to make the buying process easier.  We decided to develop our LED Brightness Comparison to show customers exactly what to expect from 100, 200 and 300+ lumens.  We set up a photoshoot inside my home and outside my front porch so we had a consistent setting to photograph each light being activated for an accurate and unedited example of the lights' brightness.  


In addition to our new lumen comparison photos, we have a filter and Light Finder that will take you through a few questions to help narrow down your search for the right motion sensing LED light that Mr Beams offers.  

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