Ceiling Lights MB980 and MB990

Unless you've built your home from the ground up, it's unlikely that you are completely satisfied with its existing lighting options. There always seems to be a dark area that could use bight light, but hiring an electrician to assist with wired lighting can be expensive.

Luckily, Mr Beams offers battery-powered LED lighting solutions so you can have light when and where you need it. Now you can improve your home lighting at an affordable cost. Not too handy around the house? That's not a problem with Mr Beams ceiling lights! Both the Original Ceiling Light and the UltraBright Ceiling Light can be installed by just about anyone who can work a screw driver. Check out what other customers have to say:



The Original Ceiling Light


The Original Ceiling Light


“Thank you. Your product has made the life of my 90-year-young mother much safer and puts her at ease at night. She seems more confident now that her pathway is lighted as soon as she steps out of her bed. LOVE your products and plan on installing more around her house to light up her life! Sending you all tons of Aloha from Hawaii. Mahalo!”
-Brian T.

“I use the ceiling light in the hall so that I can see and not fall when I get up in the middle of the night. Getting old is not fun if you fall. I also have one on the ceiling of the porch that cuts down on power bills and makes finding the right key easy. I have other Mr Beams on the steps and in closets that don’t have lights. Love them!”
-William J.

“Saw two of your other lights at a local big box store. Was impressed with the quality and fair prices. Then went online and ordered direct from Mr Beams The Stand Anywhere Light, plus two of the Ceiling Lights for my dark closets and a Step Light. I now have motion-activated lights at my garage entrance to the living area and the back door of the garage. Waiting for your stock of MB990 lights to come in so I can order another two. Mr Beams lights up my life quite well.”
-Harvey U.



The UltraBright Ceiling Light


The UltraBright Ceiling Light


“As an elderly person, I feel much safer at night with your Mr Beams MB990. No trying to find a switch or turning it off and trying to get out of the room safely. My wife loves it in the closet. Thank you for a great product.”
-John M.

“We love our new ceiling light! It makes going into our coat closet so much safer since we can actually see what we are looking for! Thank you so much for your awesome products.”
-Melissa R.

“Last fall, I installed a garden shed in the back corner of my yard. This area is not well lit and it’s hard to see the path to the shed. I didn’t run electricity to my shed but wanted lighting inside and at the door so I could easily see to lock or unlock it. I struggled with how to get lighting and considered solar lights, which were complicated and looked messy. Then, I discovered Mr Beams! The 300-lumen ceiling light was very easy to install and lights up the entire 8x8 shed! I’ve told all my neighbors about how much I love these products. Thanks so much for a great line of products!”
-Gail T.


Mr Beams wireless LED ceiling lights give you the convenience of bright light anywhere. Battery power allows for installation wherever you may need light without the need to hire an electrician. Get your Mr Beams ceiling lights today!



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