UltraBright Spotlight

With most crime taking place during the night, light is vital to the success of home security measures. Sufficient lighting can ward off burglars, bring light to surveillance footage and give you and your family peace of mind. Luckily, Mr Beams offers a variety of convenient lighting solutions for just these purposes.

One option is the UltraBright Spotlight. A customer favorite, this upgrade from the Mr Beams Original Spotlight boasts all Mr Beams signature features, as well as some enhancements. Here’s why the UltraBright Spotlight should be the next addition to your home security system.



5 Reasons to Choose the UltraBright Spotlight for Home Security

UltraBright Spotlight

1. Bright, Long-Lasting LEDs

The UltraBright Spotlight is one of the brightest lights in the line, making it ideal for security lighting. The bright, powerful LEDs provide 400 lumens of bright, white light and are designed with custom optics for the perfect intensity and focus. Plus, the quality of these LEDs ensures that you will never have to replace them.


2. Motion Activation From Up to 25 ft Away

Motion activation provides hands-free convenient security lighting for your property. The light instantly turns on when it detects motion, from up to 25 feet away.


3. Battery Power

Battery power makes for a convenient, 5-minute wireless installation. The 20-second auto shut off feature prevents the light from wasting battery life when motion is absent. Based on an average of 8-10 activations a day, the UltraBright Spotlight can last up to a year on just one set of batteries.


4. Weatherproof Design

Tight seals and UV resistant material allow the UltraBright Spotlight to work in all weather conditions. The robust design gives this light the ability to hold up against wind, sleet, snow, rain, and more.


5. Customer Favorite

Our customers love the UltraBright Spotlight for all that it offers. See for yourself:





UltraBright Spotlight




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