Your parents probably didn’t warn you about this, but the kind of light we surround ourselves with makes a huge impact on our lives and well-being. Find out how LED lighting affects us and how it creates a more positive learning environment.


For example, a report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory indicates that natural light can help reduce stress and anxiety and even improve our mood. What's more: fluorescent lights may contribute to migraines, stress and even affect our sleep, according to an article on


Obviously, with work and school, we can’t spend all day outside. The good news is that LED lighting can have a positive impact and even improve learning in schools. According to a study published in the International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, where researchers replaced fluorescent classroom lighting with LEDs:



1. The LED setting provided more psychological stability for students


2. LEDs created a more positive learning environment


3. LEDs created a more positive feeling in the classroom



Studies like this make us so excited to be involved in LED technology. Aside from energy and cost savings, the benefits extend into the user's own well being, which is really cool.

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