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Here, you'll find everything from how to install lights to application ideas! But we want your ideas, too. Show us where you're using your Mr Beams light and we'll email you a special promo code for your next purchase. Submit your photo here.

Your introduction to Mr Beams

Your introduction to Mr Beams

Tuesday - May 24, 2016

Get all the need-to-know info about Mr Beams, including our spotlight family timeline, a valuable neighborhood partnership and a few of our great customers!

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3 tips for backyard safety

3 tips for backyard safety

Tuesday - May 17, 2016

Safety-proof your backyard this summer with our 3 simple safety tips for common backyard hazards.

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7 ways to improve your sleep

7 ways to improve your sleep

Tuesday - May 10, 2016

Having trouble sleeping? We found 7 simple ways to immediately improve your sleep.

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How the Beams team eliminates blue light in their bedrooms
Blue light is destructive to sleep, so we take extra precautions to make sure it's not in our bedrooms.

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Why the amber night light is different
The new Amber Stick Anywhere Light is just like Mr Beams' Original Stick Anywhere Light - with one major exception.

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3 key areas to use the Amber Stick Anywhere Light

Our newest addition to the Stick Anywhere Family – the Amber Stick Anywhere Light – might have you wondering what makes it different from our original Stick Anywhere Light. Simply put, the Amber Stick Anywhere Light has one distinct purpose: to provide light for safety and convenience with as little disruption to your sleep as possible.

Wavelength chart

Because the Amber Night Light has a wavelength greater than 550 nm (an optimal wavelength for not interrupting sleep or suppressing melatonin), it was made as a night lighting solution in areas close to where you sleep. If you need to get up during the night, the light provides a gentle automatic amber light, as opposed to a harsh bright light with blue wavelengths that have been proven to suppress melatonin, which helps regulate our sleep and wake cycles.


So, improve the quality of your sleep by installing the Amber Stick Anywhere Light in these 3 areas:


Mr Beams Amber Stick Anywhere Light


1. Bedrooms – the soft light won’t disturb sleep patterns if you need to get up during the night.


2. Hallways – the light is still bright enough to provide safety lighting in hallways if you need to make a trip to the bathroom or check on the kids.


3. Bathrooms – the automatic light with auto shut off is perfect for quick trips to the bathroom, or even as a gentle transition from sleeping to waking.


Mike Recker, Mr Beams CTO, uses the Amber Stick Anywhere Light in his hallways. Watch the video below to hear why!



Want to know the science behind our amber light?

Learn more about Mr Beams Amber Night Light

Everything you need to know about landscape lighting

Now that spring is officially here to stay, our minds are on our home landscaping projects. After all, there’s a reason spring is called the season of renewal – the ground is thawed, the days are longer and the perennials start to bloom. We spend more time on our decks, in our sheds, in the garden and cleaning up our pathways, which is where Mr Beams comes in. Learn everything there is to know about landscape lighting with these 8 links:


Battery powered, solar or low voltage? Our guide to outdoor path lighting will help you decide.


Path lights aren’t just for paths: 5 areas that need outdoor path lights.


Our team’s favorite ways to use the Compact Path Light.


Not sure which Mr Beams path light is right for you? Find out what makes each light different.


Considering adding outdoor path lights to your property? We have 7 reasons why you should.


Solar light and battery-powered lights have more in common than you might think. Learn their differences and which is best for what you need.


Customizable landscape lighting in less than 5 minutes? Here’s how.


4 tips to get you started on your spring landscaping.


Ready to add landscaping lighting to your yard?

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The science behind Mr Beams' Amber Stick Anywhere Light
The new Mr Beams Amber Stick Anywhere Light softer on the eyes and more conducive to sleep. Science says so.

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Amber Night Light Q&A with Mr Beams Sr. Product Manager
Mr Beams Senior Product Manager, who helped develop and create the new Amber Stick Anywhere Light, gives us the inside details behind what makes this light special.

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Customized landscape lighting in less than 5 minutes
The most effective way to light your yard? By incorporating the 3 kinds of landscape lighting: accent, safety and ambient.

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