Winter is the perfect time to make sure your outdoor pathways have path lights. Between long dark nights that last almost half the day and hosting holiday guests, path lights are an easy solution for staying safe when you have to go to and from your home in the dark. But with all the different types of path lights on the market, it can be confusing to decide which will work best for you. So we did some research to help you get started. Here’s what we found about how our new UltraBright Path Light compares to low voltage path lights and popular solar path lights:


The Mr. Beams Guide to Outdoor Path Lighting-the biggest difference between Mr. Beams UltraBright Path Light and low voltage and solar path lights is the power source. Mr. Beams Path Light is powered by 4 C-cell batteries. Because there are no wires, it can be installed anywhere. Solar path lights depend on the sun to power their solar panels, which then charges a rechargeable battery, which powers the light. Low voltage path lights get their power through a main power source, which means they need to be wired.


-one of the biggest points of distinction between our new UltraBright Path Light  and its low voltage and solar competitors is that it provides 80 lumens of bright light (as much as our Mini Spotlight). Solar path lights can provide between 1-30 lumens of light, but the more lumens it provides, the larger the solar panel. Low voltage lights can emit as many as 220 lumens, but the tradeoff is having to wire the lights to a main power source.


-the UltraBright Path Light contains Mr. Beams signature technology, such as a light sensor to prevent it from turning on in daylight, motion activation so it’s on only when it’s needed, and auto shut off to prolong the battery life. Solar path lights typically turn on automatically when it’s dark outside and stay on until dawn. Low voltage path lights turn on at preset times through a timer.


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