The New York Times released a fascinating interactive map yesterday that shows the extent of the power outages caused by Hurricane Irene. Click here to view. As of Sunday afternoon (August 28, 2011) 5.8 million customers had power failures as a result of Hurricane Irene. It is estimated that 15% of these customers are without power today - four days later.

Loss of lighting is often the most bothersome aspect of power outages. Since today starts National Preparedness Month, we at Mr. Beams want to encourage people to buy battery-powered lights to prepare for power failures caused by hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and simple thunderstorms. The adoption of LEDs have allowed for much longer run time of lights that power these LEDs with batteries. Wireless lights from Mr. Beams can provide up to 40 hours of bright light on one set of batteries. Our new Power Outage Lighting System turns bright lights on instantly when the power goes out. These lights can then be controlled by the patented Power Outage Detector, which also works as a flashlight.

Please add battery-operated lights to your list for preparedness.